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Boat Lagoon Yachting - Services

When boating in South East Asia on your Yacht, our service team is always at your disposal for all after sales service and support no matter when, or where you may enjoy your boating. We have been involved with the luxury boat service and repair business since 1995, and with our own engineering workshops, complete with heavy machineries and equipments. As an affiliate subsidiary of one of Asia's most active marina and shipyard, with strong focus on boat service and repair facilities, we are pleased to provide service support promptly and professionally to all our customers.

As a Yacht owner you can also be further reassured that you will be enjoying your boating with the full back up support of one of Asias most experienced Yacht specialist team.

Welcome to your exclusive 5-star service

Featured New Yacht

Princess P56 - Craftsmanship of the Highest Standard.Princess P56Craftsmanship of the Highest Standard.
Princess 82MY - Contemporary Styling, with our Unmistakable Refinement.Princess 82MYContemporary Styling, with our Unmistakable Refinement
Princess 88MY - The Magnificent new 88MY, Extended Long Range Cruiser.Princess 88MYThe Magnificent new 88MY, Extended Long Range Cruiser.

Please let us know how we could assist you further, thank you very much.

Phone : +66 7623 9739
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Featured Used Yacht

Princess 60 ElenaPrincess 60 Elena 
Fairline 42Fairline 42